Free Wortley

Founder & Security Software Engineer

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About Me

Teenage hacker turned pro.

Founder of LunaSec (YC S19), ex-Uber, ex-Snapchat.

Best known for coining the term "Log4Shell" for the Log4j vulnerability.

Currently building around various AI tools and dabbling in synthesizers.

Contact Information

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Email:

Skills & Expertise


  • AppSec
  • All Things Web (TypeScript, React, etc)
  • Linux (Arch btw)
  • VC-backed Startups
  • Mushroom Foraging


  • LLMs/AI
  • Database Administration
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Music Production


  • Cryptography
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Red Teaming
  • Graphic Design

Professional Experience

Part-time CSO & Security Advisor at Various Startups

December 2023Current

Helping startups with security strategy, architecture, and implementation as a part-time executive.

CEO & Founder at LunaSec (YC S19)

April 2019Current

Spent many years building a VC-backed startup in the security space.

  • Built a few products, raised a few million dollars, and learned a lot along the way.
  • Focused on Supply Chain Security, Data Security, and Low-Code AWS tooling.
  • Hired a team of 6+ people, ran sales, marketing, and engineering.
  • Code on GitHub:

Security Software Engineer at Snap Inc (Snapchat)

November 2018April 2019

Left to start my own company when we got into YC. Helped with a few projects:

  • Helped build a "secrets management" platform for the organization
  • Worked on the GCP-to-AWS migration
  • Lead the effort to implement an eng-wide review ("RFC") process

Security Software Engineer at Uber

August 2014November 2018

I joined as an early member of the engineering team and worked across several different teams as Uber experienced hypergrowth.

  • Built "secure by default" development tools for engineers
  • Helped run the bug bounty program
  • Created a security training program for engineers
  • Wrote a security automation platform for the security team
  • Built "" from the ground up (working directly under Travis Kalanick)

Software Engineer at Airware (YC W13)

February 2013August 2014

Joined as the 6th person and the 1st engineer working on the "Ground Control Station". Built the desktop app using C# and WPF, web UI with React and Node.js.



Y Combinator (S19)

Worked my butt off, raised $ from VCs, and learned how billion dollar startups are built.

Hobbies & Interests

Mushroom Foraging, Music Production, Flow Arts (Light Whips), Cooking, and Dog Dad.